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Monday, April 1, 2013

A for apple

An apple a day keeps doctor away.But how can a apple alone keep a doctor away?Are those doctors fools to suggest us medicines instead of prescribing an apple?If apple alone can be a medicine,every one can be a doctor.But ironically the proverb goes like this "an apple  a day keeps doctor away". Of course apple has vitamin c contents,phenolic contents which digests cholesterol ,acts on tooth decays and has substances acting against Alzheimer's disease.Then the proverb should go like this "an apple a day keeps the dentist,neurologist and fat doctor away".But to keep all the doctors  away is too much to ask from an apple.How can a patient with cancer thwart it by eating an apple every day?

OK lets tone down the meaning a little.Lets assume that the apple a day can keep doctor away mean that an apple a day makes the diet balanced.But it also doesn't make sense too.How come single serving of a fruit complete a diet when we need carbohydrates,proteins,fats(which are particularly low in fruits)minerals,all vitamins in the particular amount to have a balanced diet.Even then the proverb should have gone like this an apple plus the complementary foods to balance the diet can keep the doctor away".Again going back to the original and true meaning.A balanced diet is very much required as food is the best medicine if had in the right amounts.But what about the diseases caused by  ,genetic disorders,accidents.How can a apple or even a balanced diet keep the doctor away in those things.Then the proverb should go like this "an apple plus the complementary foods to balance the diet can keep the doctor away except for incidences of genetic disorders,accidents,or hygienic disorders beyond the control of the immune system"

But there is another proverb."live and let live".According to this proverb every one should get their chance to live and prosper.Assuming the apple proverb is true ,where will the doctor go for their living.Over the years doctors have made miracles,found life saving ,life producing protocols.They are next to god.But how do we get the heart to ditch our gods for a serving of fruit.This is totally unacceptable.

what if the proverb maker was gadget freak.what if he had foreseen the invention of Apple products.No it can't be products are in no way going to keep the doctor away.They have many chances of making their users obese and fall sick to many other diseases.So i rule out this possibility.

Economically speaking apple is a costly fruit.There are millions of people who are even below the Rs 32 per day cutoff.How can they afford an apple every day.They cant afford the medical expenses due to the diseases which follow. Shouldn't the apple be replaced with a affordable fruit like   banana or tomato.?What will vendors of other fruits do when all people are after apple?#just asking mother nature.

I am not here to make any point.This was just a comical analysis of a proverb.Last thing I want is an apple vendor abusing me in my blog.But I welcome accolades and praises from doctors for me  taking up their cause.And i also advise all the proverb makers not to exaggerate a proverb  just for sounding precise because there are people who take it as it is!!:)

This is a part of April A-Z challenge.My topic is kindergarten education.wait for B for ball.