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Thursday, April 11, 2013

C for CAT

CAT-Common admission test.

I am a management aspirant.I am from a state owned university.I always wanted myself to be in one of the ivy league colleges. I couldn't get into the IITs for my engineering.But I decided  to get into the IIMs or equally good institution for my management education.Then I collected all the information about coaching institutes and common admission test and then joined one of the reputed coaching institutes. I attended coaching classes regularly.Made good progress.Scored  94+ percentile in my  mocks.Finally on the day I failed to execute the test well and I got a mere 82 percentile.I took this as a sign to prepare harder and wait for one more year to improve my profile and aptitude.(Hope it pays off well).If one has to bell the cat,one has to take lots of mock tests and never be complacent with ones score.In addition to learning wordlists,one should develop the habit of reading.Reading the newspaper would be mandatory  Quantitative aptitude is no big problem when  practiced systematically.In addition ,keep a check on your graduation percentage as it plays major role in getting into an IIM.

Is joining a coaching institute necessary?
yes,it is necessary as it may expose you to a wide range of tests and tricks.TIME,IMS and CL are doing a good job.

how much time per day should one put?
*It depends on the aptitude level and time range .If one is preparing for a one year period 2 hrs per day+plus newspaper reading and learning 10 words a day would suffice.
*If one is preparing for a six month period 4 hrs a day+plus newspaper reading+plus wordlists would be required.
*concentrating equally on both sections (quant and verbal) is neccessary.

If all  preparations and execution goes well and  profile is attractive,one sure has a better shot at getting into an IIM or equally good colleges.

All the best!