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Friday, December 23, 2011

are ants created at the spot of sugar spillage??

ants are tiny ,harmless,disciplined ,extremely talented (having the ability of foreseeing earthquake)simple creatures whom i have constantly observed and admired!!with this amount of discipline and a insight of future they should be given the sixth sense organism status according to my opinion.:p
qualities of ant i admire and the lessons i learn from ants:-
1)their ability to work in a organised way whatever the location be ,whatever the conditions whether its monsoon or dry or famine conditions i never see them deviating from the line they are moving in. i feel humans should always follow the same.whatever the conditions are ,one should stick to their disciplines and basics to go far in their careers.
2)how much ever the food is less or more the ants of the same colony take their food only to their nest and then share among greediness..if greediness is a part of sixth sense i would say ants have well filtered senses enough for them to live their life the right way.
3)they can detect minute amount of food in all forms solid ,liquid.i drop  food in  my table the ants are there.i drop a food in the hall ants are there!if the sugar bottles are lightly open ants are there!if food is kept in the terrace ants are there!i never see any signs of ant until a food spillage happens and bam the ants are there..!THIS MAKES ME THINK THAT ANTS EMANATE FROM THE SPOT RATHER THAN MOVING TO THE SPOT!!SUCH IS THEIR SPEED AND WORK MAN SHIP.awesome insects.they don't leave the least of might be one  grain of rice for man but its a full day meal for them..and they work very hard to earn them.
4)they are harmless creatures until we harm them.they never get into any ones business until they are being disturbed which is a noble quality.
5)"god helps hard working people".this is true in the case of ants.owing to their gentleness and hard working nature god has made them a very desirable insect unlike the cockroaches lizards and other flies.i don't often see them  being killed by people and the surprise is even girls dont fear them.

ants are present at all land parts.minute there is a spillage the forces sense and immediately cleans them up!only way to prevent the ants is to put some sugar outside your house!!ants are the most awesome insects on earth.

an experiment to find how ants work.chose a place.make sure there aren't any ants in the vicinity..drop a little of sugar or milk or something.switch on the stop clock  and remain in that place for a long time.if the ants come for the sugar they aren't afraid of human presence.and if the ants aren't there you pls leave the room and with the stop clock on and then after a while check for results.and then after this is done.then spill a drop of milk or tea on your table  in the same room as the previous experimentand now trace the location of the ants' nest they are coming from.if the location of the nests are different they have only one nest per room or if the locations are different we should find how many locations they have using integration!!i haven't tried this yet..please try this and please report your results!! 

if you are also a person who admire ants drop in your views!i would love to read comments about my posts !!

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