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Friday, December 30, 2011

a game can change your status!!!

Not all childhood incidents do we remember except a certain things which get stuck in our memory.Those are the moments of extreme glory and these scenes keep on flashing each and every day leading to uncontrolled release of Adrenalin making us feel happy and gives us a urge to redo  the action in a better way and often the thought is accompanied by a hero introduction back ground score.Awesome feel and the following is one such incident.

The story dates back to 2002 to being a fifth standard kid wearing half trousers ,a neatly pressed shirt tucked into the shorts ,a tightly worn belt,a badge pinned to my pocket , a  square folded hanky in the pocket and hair nicely oiled and combed with a partition on the side.Those were sane times when i felt like wishing teachers good morning rather than wanting to ridicule them.I was a dynamic kid who wanted to excel in studies as well as sports.But the latter never happened.I was constantly the topper of my class in studies but wasn't the topper in sports which I sucked  so badly.But I never stopped playing.They were a good time pass.Every day after school I used to play basket ball till  6 in the evening .I used to be the last kid to leave school rather if I leave school early I ll have to start studying early.So I preferred basketball though i sucked at it.I had good technique but never performed well in games .May be due to fear.
Sports day season arrived characterized by free periods ,drill and march past practice.All students were divided among four houses namely Nehru ,Tagore,Bharathi and Gandhi and I was placed in Nehru house.All fifth standard and sixth standard guys were under sub junior category.Basketball house match selection took place.Not many fifth standards were selected . Watching me staying for practice all day they took me as substitute inside the team.that made me very happy.Being in a house team though not a big deal meant so much to me that I practised so hard even though I wasn't in the main five.

The day came.schedule of matches for the day:
Gandhi vs Tagore ---------->winner

Nehru vs bharati ---------->winner
The day was very hot with the sun straight over our head.We had no jerseys nor Reebok shoes.every one played with our house T-shirts on and we wore our white canvases for the game.they never provided us with glucose or juice.we were asked to bring our own water bottles.there was no stadium around the court.all the students were asked to sit on the sand outside the court.we had no techniques like Jordan or Johnson.but we could pass,dribble and shoot the ball.excepting the above, our match could be compared with those international matches between LA lakers and Dallas..:P
First match was between Gandhi and Tagore.Tagore, clearly the strongest team out of the lot emerged winners of the first game.the next match was between Nehru and Bharati.Neither of us were strong .We both were mediocre teams.First match went very close and my house was leading till the third quarter but bharati equalled with our scores  by shooting two continuous  three pointers and the momentum shifted.Then our house captain called for a time out to cut the momentum going and then the play started after two minutes and Nehru team were on song and emerged winners by four points.Close game it was.
After a half hour break the finals took place.We were no match to the expertise of Tagore.We feared.We never showed it out.The match started.I was still a substitute.Captains stood in the centre court for the jump ball(the way basket ball games used to start).From that minute to the end  of the first quarter Tagore house were thrashing us.At the end of the first quarter my team mate named  Prashanth kicked the ball out of frustration which was a technical violation and was a disrespect to the game that  he was barred from playing the next three quarters.So i was sent in.I was nervous and uncomfortable.I was happy being a substitute encouraging my team mates.I had no other choice than to play.Second quarter started.ball was in the hands of Tagore house.I blocked one of their pass and got the ball back to our house which boosted my confidence a little bit.We converted the ball to a two pointer.At the end of the second quarter when we were in Tagore's base my captain passed the ball to me.There was no one to block me.I was free.I aimed the board and shot the ball.It went in surprisingly.I was awestruck and so were every one.The second quarter was over.we were ten points lagging behind Tagore.For the first time I felt proud before my friends and classmates for playing basketball.My confidence increased exponentially.

Sets You On Fire
The third quarter whistle was blown..  we had the upper hand in the third quarter.We were only  two points lagging behind Tagore.I contributed five shots to our team.The most by an individual player in a quarter..It was a like  dream. all my shots were converted to points.I hardly missed a shot in that quarter.the Third quarter was over.the scores were 28-30

Fourth quarter was the deciding one.Every one were fired up and nervous too.The whistle blew.every one took their positions .every one were drenched in sweat,very tired of playing seven quarters already.This is their 8th quarter and every one felt the pain.but no one gave up.Match started with full pace.Tagore being the superior team we had no worry of loosing it.We were cool and played well and with only 2 minute remaining the scores were levelled 42-42.Now the ball was in Tagore's hands and they played the passing game until their pass were blocked by team mate and passed to me and i dribbled the ball to the opposite court single handedly and went in for lay up.....>check one shot(terms used in basket ball)!!!!!!it went in!!we were leading by two points and Tagore retaliated  and now scores were again levelled.there were only twenty seconds remaining now.Tagore strengthened their defence.They dint allow us into their court that easy.And the final 10 second count down started I went passed the centre court using one of my best moves and I was near the three pointer line with 5 seconds remaining.
I shot the ball from a long distance without aiming the board as time was less.
the ball went in!!!
1.whistle was heard.fourth quarter was over.
Nehru house won.!!we won..all our team mates were jumping in joy.they were running towards me.We high fived.The match was watched by every one including my classmates and principal.every one congratulated.It was one proud moment for me who never excelled in a sport I loved.This made me a confident guy.And after this incident I was the first guy to be picked in school team in the sub junior category. The circumstance brought the best in me.The look people had when they saw me after the last shot made me over whelmed.I have no words to explain it.I still remember those looks.Though it was only a inter house match I always compared my last minute shot to Lance Klusner's last ball six which won his team over Newzealand in March 1999.The news of the win faded within one or two hours.But I felt like a hero for the next whole month.Crazy times those were.But still this remain one of the best moments in my life!!!!

ps:this is a part of Contest on Indiblogger of   KFC Fiery Grilled. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

are ants created at the spot of sugar spillage??

ants are tiny ,harmless,disciplined ,extremely talented (having the ability of foreseeing earthquake)simple creatures whom i have constantly observed and admired!!with this amount of discipline and a insight of future they should be given the sixth sense organism status according to my opinion.:p
qualities of ant i admire and the lessons i learn from ants:-
1)their ability to work in a organised way whatever the location be ,whatever the conditions whether its monsoon or dry or famine conditions i never see them deviating from the line they are moving in. i feel humans should always follow the same.whatever the conditions are ,one should stick to their disciplines and basics to go far in their careers.
2)how much ever the food is less or more the ants of the same colony take their food only to their nest and then share among greediness..if greediness is a part of sixth sense i would say ants have well filtered senses enough for them to live their life the right way.
3)they can detect minute amount of food in all forms solid ,liquid.i drop  food in  my table the ants are there.i drop a food in the hall ants are there!if the sugar bottles are lightly open ants are there!if food is kept in the terrace ants are there!i never see any signs of ant until a food spillage happens and bam the ants are there..!THIS MAKES ME THINK THAT ANTS EMANATE FROM THE SPOT RATHER THAN MOVING TO THE SPOT!!SUCH IS THEIR SPEED AND WORK MAN SHIP.awesome insects.they don't leave the least of might be one  grain of rice for man but its a full day meal for them..and they work very hard to earn them.
4)they are harmless creatures until we harm them.they never get into any ones business until they are being disturbed which is a noble quality.
5)"god helps hard working people".this is true in the case of ants.owing to their gentleness and hard working nature god has made them a very desirable insect unlike the cockroaches lizards and other flies.i don't often see them  being killed by people and the surprise is even girls dont fear them.

ants are present at all land parts.minute there is a spillage the forces sense and immediately cleans them up!only way to prevent the ants is to put some sugar outside your house!!ants are the most awesome insects on earth.

an experiment to find how ants work.chose a place.make sure there aren't any ants in the vicinity..drop a little of sugar or milk or something.switch on the stop clock  and remain in that place for a long time.if the ants come for the sugar they aren't afraid of human presence.and if the ants aren't there you pls leave the room and with the stop clock on and then after a while check for results.and then after this is done.then spill a drop of milk or tea on your table  in the same room as the previous experimentand now trace the location of the ants' nest they are coming from.if the location of the nests are different they have only one nest per room or if the locations are different we should find how many locations they have using integration!!i haven't tried this yet..please try this and please report your results!! 

if you are also a person who admire ants drop in your views!i would love to read comments about my posts !!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

five social situations

what does a girl do when a boy says she is beautiful!!
someone(s.o):-your beautiful today!!(lying)
girl:-don't lie!!me in this dress??this shoes??this make up??Ur lying right(Pl say no)
s.o: no am not lying..Ur truly gorgeous(i am lying)
girl: am not that hot as that girl ??(Pl say i am prettier)
s.o:no she isn't!!Ur more hotter!!(no u aren't)
girl:oh Pl!stop!!(Pl continue)
s.o:(i should not have started)OK i stop!!
(after some time)
s.o:(aargh!!from the beginning)

what does  a girl do when you ask her something she doesn't knows:
s.o:please give me an idea for an event
girl:i am not  that intelligent like you to think of an event..!why do u even ask me!!:p(smiley for indicating sarcasm!and expects s.o to say how intelligent she is)
s.o: no!u are intelligent(i know u aren't!i just wanted you to know that i am organizing an event)
and Pl stop saying these stupid dialogues
girl:(wow!!here he comes and falls in the pit by saying i can say the magical lines)"FINE STOP ASKING ME!I AM LIKE THAT!(this is supposed to show my attitude)
s.o:(i know it isn't worth asking you)i think  Ur off mood!!i ll catch u later.. 

a famous one
girl1:heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!long time!!!!!!i missed you  so much( i never bothered to call you)
girl2:yeah!!!!i too missed you!how is life(i never thought about you)
boy next to them:(ulaga maaga nadipuda saami)

regarding the busy status and being invisible:
thoughts on a boys mind when he sees the busy status:
1)why the heck should you log into messenger and then be busy??
2)why can't  you sign out when your busy??
3)why do u want this much of attention??
4)at least let the world know what your busy with like "busy watching photos in fb","busy watching vampire diaries","busy watching a lame Korean opera","busy cleaning my ears","busy selecting which guy to talk"
thoughts when a girl pings a guy when she is invisible
1)why cant she be visible??
2)who is gonna talk to her when she is visible
3)ithu sappa scene

situation:when the mistake is on both sides..the thought flow goes like this
girl:(i really don't think i can come up with a sorry before i can hear it once...S.O.R.R.Y...five words!!!!how am i gonna spell it!!each and every time it gets stuck in the mouth)
boy:(i cant keep this stupid thing in  my mind for much time..what is that word??ah SORRY!let me tell that word and get rid of this!!)
girl:(this is how its spelt!!nice)I'm sorry too
boy:its OK!!(as if i care)

ps:no offence to anyone!!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Ever since I learnt about the seven continents and hundred and ninety odd countries in it, I always wondered why all these continents have to be separated and again why all these countries should be in turn divided into states.?on what basis are they decided?on what basis is the land area decided?who made the boundaries??who divided the world??who had the right to do it??what are the advantages of doing it??what are the disadvantages of doing it??who invented barter system??what brought money into play??
what made people to look for gold ??why was gold considered precious when its usage is not more than ornaments??why all ornamental stones are more precious than iron and aluminum which have vast usage??who invented technology?why dint people prefer a simple life??why were certain people greedy??the outcome of technology??why were wars fought??

People say countries were divided based on the culture and the ethnic groups that lived there..Ok let them be separated based on culture and ethnic groups for adminstartive purpose..But they should be governed under single name "the world".not in the name of this the words war,weapons,missiles,poverty,unemployment,overpopulation, will never have any meaning!all the natural wealth can be shared with each other for free.there will be equal distribution of wealth..the concept of rich and poor countries will die.all people get all benefits and medical aids.the world will be free of war.we will not need any visas or passports to visit distant more indians,ausralians,americans..we all become global citizens!!

i hope all the world leaders read this corner and get insight!!when i can think about this..why dont leaders think!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Being sick can be quite awesome!!

Being sick might make us tired,make us sleep the whole day,make our bodies ache,make our heads pain,dehydrate our bodies make our throats ache ,make us vomit,make us feel dizzy but it also has its share in attention seeking.all of a sudden u become  a hit in your surroundings..constant pampering by mother,who makes the food you can digest,father who  takes you to a doctor ,sister who brings water for your tablets,,friends who constantly enquire about your health,and family members who flood the phone with calls enquiring about your health and suggesting some drugs and food,inbox filled with take care messages and especially during exams being sick is an excellent and well accepted excuse for not doing yeah!!being sick is quite awesome where the attention covers for its physical manifestations.

PS:the sickness mentioned above is small kind of sickness like fever,cold.not sickness like TB,cholera or fractures where you wont be conscious enough to feel the don't go and break your bones to feel it!!