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Friday, December 2, 2011


Ever since I learnt about the seven continents and hundred and ninety odd countries in it, I always wondered why all these continents have to be separated and again why all these countries should be in turn divided into states.?on what basis are they decided?on what basis is the land area decided?who made the boundaries??who divided the world??who had the right to do it??what are the advantages of doing it??what are the disadvantages of doing it??who invented barter system??what brought money into play??
what made people to look for gold ??why was gold considered precious when its usage is not more than ornaments??why all ornamental stones are more precious than iron and aluminum which have vast usage??who invented technology?why dint people prefer a simple life??why were certain people greedy??the outcome of technology??why were wars fought??

People say countries were divided based on the culture and the ethnic groups that lived there..Ok let them be separated based on culture and ethnic groups for adminstartive purpose..But they should be governed under single name "the world".not in the name of this the words war,weapons,missiles,poverty,unemployment,overpopulation, will never have any meaning!all the natural wealth can be shared with each other for free.there will be equal distribution of wealth..the concept of rich and poor countries will die.all people get all benefits and medical aids.the world will be free of war.we will not need any visas or passports to visit distant more indians,ausralians,americans..we all become global citizens!!

i hope all the world leaders read this corner and get insight!!when i can think about this..why dont leaders think!!

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