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Monday, November 12, 2012

One Study Hour

What my mother implies:
By study hour ,my mother means  a clean me with a washed face wearing three streaks of ashes on my forehead with a small dot of red kumkum on the centre of my forehead sitting on a chair with my back erect for an hour in front of my study table with a book on one hand  ,a pen on the other with the laptop in front of me with an eBook opened  where she can visualize a matrix of numbers ,alphabets ,structures, signs and symbols storming into my brain with me devouring the entire book within an hour and thereby ending up having a bright neon light of enlightenment circling my back head.
My study hour:
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All my activities start good. I wash my face and set my table up for the study hour .I start studying sitting on a chair with my back erect referring two or three books. Two minutes ticks off. This is where I get lost in the loop of thoughts. (Say chemistry)
“Mendeleev’s periodic table is classified into seven groups. My teacher juxtaposed it with seven notes of music. Aah !!!Rahaman released a single from his film Kadal. I got to download it and I also got to download the sitcom… aah! the sitcom is already downloaded… OK let me see that, meanwhile the song gets downloaded.Oh no I got to study. Let me see this after wards..Nothing is going to be lost in twenty minutes. I will watch one episode alone”

This is when my friend calls to break the loop enquiring me of the days portion and also my status of completion .So in order to reciprocate, I ask him back and listen to his status which makes me guilty of not utilizing the time and sets up a nervous energy putting me back on the chair with my book in hands.

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After a few minutes, the curious me logs into Facebook to check the status of my other fellows which fills me up with further nervous energy now attaching me to the chair even stronger. After a while not withstanding all the nervous energy I sit before the television to stress it out where my parents come chasing me into my room and making me lock my room .Now all I can hear is the ticking of the clock. Tick tick tick tick like a tiny bomb reminding you that your head is going to burst with all the information from the book. Still I force myself to study.
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Now that considerable amount time has passed, I  start feeling  by back aching making me change my base to the bed from the chair, placing the book, lap on the bed with me lying with the chest on my bed with my head in level with the laptop screen. This position I think is the most productive position if not for all at least to me. After a while this lying changes to hanging with one knee on the bed and other knee on the floor followed by complete bed rest with the back on the bed ,head on the pillow and laptop and book on the chest. I still continue reading.

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After a while I feel the need for writing down few important formulae down. The first thing that gets jotted down when my pen meets the paper is my signature. I sometimes get completely obsessed with my signature and sometimes compare it with those of famous CEO’s, sporting legends, actors etc., and if the subject is very stressful, my hand involuntarily sketches the caricature of my professor in reverence to his hardship making the formulae and details secondary.

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After time keeps constantly knocking me off, I feel the need to refill my ammunition to the brain heading straight to the refrigerator   which I consider the Akshaya pathiram  containing food whenever I need. On my way back my mother shouts “Do you have your brains in the fridge??why do you keep opening it every five minutes??”
“What??Did I open it five minutes back??”
Only then did I realize that I opened the fridge five minutes back which set me into bewilderment of how the above things just went in a jiffy. This gave me a lesson of relativity of how books can stretch time.I felt betrayed by the books. I felt exhausted. I can no longer be knocked off by time. I can no longer study. So I devised a plan.

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