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Friday, November 4, 2011

epic clash!!

It was just another interesting notorious incident that happened in my college life .!
It happened on a Thursday,a month back. We were given a two day respite on account of our college cultural fest .Usually the cultural nights are the best part of our fest and the mornings were a little draggy and unlike other mates of my class who preferred to stay at their rooms searching for their pillows and headsets we a group of five girls and boys were on a expedition to explore wild life.We planned on going to  vandaloor zoo..It might sound naive for a set of twenty year olds to visit the zoo which was common field trip spot for the primary school kids.We didn't have any other choice.Boring movies, not heavy enough pockets to go for a lunch and persuasion by two of my friends  made us take this option .

By 12 in the noon we got into a bus.Vandaloor zoo also known as Arignar Anna Zoological Park was located on a area of 1500 acres at Tambaram in Chennai visited mostly by school children , huddling couples ,college students with their friends,and family. .We reached the zoo in the next one hour.

We being adults, you people would expect us to get into wildlife park and start visiting the animals..but my friends didn't do that.You people wouldn't believe me.They got hold of swings at the entrance of the park meant for children below 10 years and started swinging on it and by the time they finished it was 1:30 and we started our sight seeing.We rented cycles for each of us and started our expedition.We visited most animals ,birds ,snakes in the limited time we had.The most interesting of the animals was the bear which  was busy gaping at the sky wondering some one would throw  a piece of meat from the sky while scratching and rubbing with pawed fingers its fur coated tummy constantly  .We missed the lion safari as it was too late.And after all the visiting by some five we winded up everything and we took a u turn and were heading towards the entrance to return our cycles.

While returning back to the entrance to return our cycles, I and my friend harinath were leading the group of ten were in the front little bored as every one were tired after a two hours cycle journey.harinath popularly known for his pointed nose is  geeky, helping,always the one to be ridiculed in the group,liked by all and often spotted among groups of girls .in addition to it hari honed excellent cycling skills  since twelth standard.he never knew to stop bicycle with his leg.his cycle lacked he always made a screachy noise when he pulled the brakes to alert the people infront of him. 
 To get the time going i called in hari for a race.he was reluctant to join.later he accepted and started riding his bicycle fast.he was on a hercules thriller(i guess) and i was riding a tandem bicycle with my friend at the driving a heavier cycle was lagging behind him in the race.he took advantage of this and rose his speed without remembering the fact that his cycles never had brakes...
he was speeding..i was behind him..
he was speeding..i was behind him..
he was speeding..i was behind him.

at a distance from us was a family of some eight people including a male and some seven females.they were walking on one corner of the  road.the man was some forty to fifty years old was  islamic  which was evident from the black gowns worn by the women covered from head to toe surrounding him.they were walking slowly..
he was speeding..i was behind him
he was speeding..i was behind him
we neared the family hari was about to cross the family ,the old man sensed something fast coming towards him and  out of reflex he moved to other side of the road.
now the old man was in the path of hari..hari at the last moment didnt know what to do..his cycle had neither the brakes nor the bell .hari who should have stopped the cycle by placing the feet against the floor resisting the movement of the cycle was now on the top of the cycle standing on his peddle making the screechy noise he used to make while trying to stop the cycle which added to the nerve of the old man who remained unmoved(he imagined standing on a the peddle would stop the cycle..but not)..the cycle continued to move with the same speed and BAM!!! it knocked the old man down and the cycle fell on him addition to the cycle ,hari toppled and fell over the old man only to sandwich him to the floor..

i was behind..hari was knocked out.

i got down from my bicycle to help hari and the old man to get on their feet.luckily no one had any serious damages except for the fact that the old man was limping on his feet..we were then invovled in negotiations with old mans family as mistakes were on both sides.the old man shouldn't have shifted side without looking back..later it was settled..we then returned our cycles and were buying water bottles from the canteen..then we heard some noises behind was the other female members of the old mans family excluding the seven who were beside him during the epic clash were chasing us shouting out words..they were there to redo the negotiations..they were there shouting irrational statements..they never understood what happened there..nor were they cared about the old mans health..if they were really cared about his health they would have taken him to the hospital or taken him to home instead of fighting with us..instead they were just fighing with us.we even offered him medical aids..still they were only to build up the fight.there was no use figting with irrational we slipped out of the place.may not be a happy ending..but in  friends group like us nothing could end that sad..we were on our way back to college discussing about the events rather in a hilarious the fight recurred twice ,hari feared all those people wearing black gowns on our way to the college thinking them to be a part of that group.for a group of people with such a weird experience we were in our peak of our moods and we also attended the cultural night that evening after weary day.!!

the next day morning twenty guys of their family each looking well built double triple the size of hari came to college and they spoted us siting under a tree
villain:come with us
villain:we want to talk with you people

we sensed the context of the word talk.
us:anna ivan(hari) thaan unga aalu mela vandi ethunaan..ivana evalavu naal venum naalum kutitu poi vechu porumaya adinga!!!

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