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Thursday, October 27, 2011

you did it??:(:(then I will also have to do it!!

I love it!I do it! - passion.
You can do it!I can do it!-competitiveness.
You did it.i'll also  have to do it!-peer pressure.

Peer pressure is imaginary feeling of being pressed against the floor by your successful peers who are top on the ladder caused by the thought of being  on par with your friends group  no matter in what discipline they achieve ensued by stress and low self esteem.Most of  us,almost all except those rare real monks out there experience the effect peer pressure in their daily lives.Most  people be hypocrites to themselves dissembling this effect by the words passion and competition.This is where the problem starts.Peer pressure not necessarily leads to disaster..It has its own plus and minus.Its a plus when you join a group of geeks where you fight with them to get equal marks.In  companies peer pressure is often a tool used to get work done.Exalting one from a group of ten for their work might induce all the other nine to work.excellent tool to drain ppl.(now this is competition)and on the other hand when you being a geek join a set of  toss pot you will become one(peer pressure).

Teen peer pressure(PP) often a result of grade sheet(when our friend gets .01 higher GPA in the end semesters), love(where ppl are indirectly forced to have girl friends when their friend has one and try all tricks to get a girl friend and when all the efforts go vain they end up accepting any girl that comes their way later only to get the relation broken down and viceversa in girls),internships(when one of the friends gets an internship out of the whole group which had applied which leads to a unwanted low feeling-self experienced), accessories(for instance,when one of a your  swanky mates have a  hi five dress,costume,jewellery,gadget, or motor bike you will end up torturing your parents who already work their ass off to give you decent accessories and good education ) and fame(where one might be funny one and liked by all ppl and a friend of him trying all stuff to impress girls and  most often gets the name "lame guy."please take this info..trying too much won't help in this discipline..only being yourself can fetch you the name "cool guy").i know people who  join all entrance exam coaching classes just because their friends have joined it end up excelling in none..PP will never let you be single minded.You will start thinking what your friend does rather than what you want to do.

Parental PP-In addition to all the pressures we lay on ourselves our parents add another 1000 ATM pressure on our back only to get it broken not for flexing it. Just because they want to sound cool in their peer group by saying"my boy goes to singing and dancing classes","my girl gets a 9.5 GPA","my grandson is a grand master in chess" ,they force us to all classes on earth singing,dancing,skating,music,abacus,other languages ,later only to say"I joined you in all classes but you failed to shine in anything"(did we ask you??)

The only way out of this is to be clear of what one wants and to be resolute in not comparing oneself with your friends group.I know .This is more easy to say..But one can do  it with few months practice..Whenever you get low marks,whenever your rejected ,whenever your being called the lame one for being yourself, whenever you don't get a job you wanted, whenever you didn't get a university you wanted,whenever u didn't get the girl you wanted,whenever you didn't excel in some art just say"I'm unique..ill prove myself in a better way in a better place" to this way your being optimistic ,your not low and you break the concept of peer pressure.(might sound abstract.pls will work.)

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