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Sunday, October 16, 2011

men-dominators??or push overs??

Our society  was once considered to be male dominated society and still prevalently considered so  though not in all fields but in certain fields ..Is it really so??Is 'dominate' the right word for the context or should it be replaced by the word push over.????

The statement men and women are equal is absurd.There are disparities between them.they have their strengths and disadvantages with women having most weakness for the time being.but when it comes to converting their weakness into advantages women have an upper hand ..This is where men are made push overs .this can be cited with few examples I observe in daily life
1.conversation (true conversation..not made up)

girl1 to a boy: study hard..only then will u be married
girl2: every one has to work hard to get married to a nice person.
girl1: not in the case of women..we ll get married any how to nice ppl father(another poor male) will take care.:)

another conversation between a girl and boy

girl:why did u shift to management and not ms??
boy:my path in biotech is obscure.i really dunno what to do
girl:yeah for boys biotech is a risk
boy:why alone for a boy..why not for a girl??
girl:because Ur going to depend on it for living..ill marry a rich person and settle and biotech wont be a risk for us girls.:)

Only then I got the reason behind the 3:1 ratio of girls to boys in our class.Girls are really clear.Men back in history who restricted studying and leading the family to men never foresaw these things to happen  to the 21st century men.The disadvantage of being a part of patriarch society was now converted into an added advantage by women.


women always consider themselves equal to men but not in all things.they consider them weaker than men in things like standing in the bus where they have reservation of a whole side in a bus where there are only two seats reserved for physically challenged and senior citizens.most often than not the senior citizens are deprived of their seats and the most sad part is that women end up sitting even on men's side(not reserved..but supposed to be men's side) converting it into a 'ladies special(men ordinary)'bus.running back time, women weren't allowed to sit in front of men..but now its the other way around though the reason cited is their weakness..

next comes the political reservation..women were given 33% reservation.we men cannot be complacent with the rest 67%  as its general quota and not reserved for men.33% reservation for women considering them the weaker sex as far as politics is concerned might not sound alarming but a time might come when women gain equal political powers and this 33% would be their weapon to dethrone men from politics.:):)

3.Last but not the least-the main reason for men being push over are certain flirting men who give into all the demands made by women..for example:our college male faculties who tend to show  a soft corner towards women.:)

Commonality in all the above three cases is the weapon women use"their weakness".We  good hearted men who help them overcome their weakness are made push overs and they women become the parasite in the relationship...Unlike the  noble men of the past who dug the grave for the future men by fighting for women rights there wont be any women fighting for male rights.. We should only do for ourselves.

why should male prove their superiority by working hard ,earning,and being the head of family.??why cant we be like male lions and let women do the work..??think think...!!:)this is no bad time to start being like men!! defiant to all tantalizing traps of women.long live male power!!!!

PS:this is  no offence to women.:):)