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Saturday, July 9, 2011

july 8th,2011!!

Some memories of life will always bring in a smile!!it was one such memory!!

It was a Friday!!All classes got cancelled...not often does all classes on a Friday get cancelled and we get a holiday!!..i dont know about others..but for me a full day at home without college fun is something sad!! I woke up by some seven thirty wondering what ill do the whole day at home with additional trouble caused by power cuts,cable up from bed..checked the sports column and entertainment section of the newspaper  and switched my computer on..
by some 8:30 i had finished my breakfast and sat before my computer..checked my fb profile..nothing interesting!!out of sheer boredom i took my biochem book and started studying the structures of amino acids without any interest waiting for some of my friends to call me out!!
thats when i heard a pop sound from my computer...i turned towards it!!it was a message from one of my friend named harinath on gtalk
"hari:hey sriram!
wats up?

muthiah:hey hari!!
im asusual!!


muthiah:lol yeah!!"
 this went on for a while...and finally the best words from him...
"hari: wanna go to kung fu panda??2 o clock ??"
this sentence gave me some hope for the day

muthiah:yeah sure!which theatre??who are all coming??

hari:sathyam...many are coming
sanketh, suriyasree ,nive,aprna,kavitha,gayathri.sindhuja,saroja,manjul

muthiah:wow..that's a whole lot"
it was really difficult to gather so many ppl for an event...but it was one such day  where so many people gathered...
i checked the availability of tickets..there were enough tickets available..we made the plan..and every one turned in!!and about kung  fu panda..he was awesome!!it was in 3 d...every one loved it!!

the fun didnt end there!!we got a call from our other friends who were in express avenue was a highly rated mall some five minutes away from sathyam friends priya ,sathish,sruthi,chella and marz were there in the mall planning to watch venghai...but they failed to get tickets and ended up eating at the food court there...after our film got over we joined them in express avenue food court by some 4 .15
of course there was no shortage of words, laughter, mockery, spoofs...we were also discussing about our future plans to loaf around..but this time it was out of the state.kerala!!it was still in planning stage..we ll see abt it in my future blogs...after our discussions we went to odyssey!!checked out some books...the fun still dint end here!!!
then we decided to visit the was a five minute  bus journey from  express avenue...
on the ea bus stop we ate a fruit named mongoose which i haven't tasted before!!we were in front of a bus stop with so many ppl watching us..but we still fought for the limited half a kilo mongoose we bought in the public!!fun time it was!!not only the fruit,some similar situations like this can be felt and tasted only with your friends!!
5 30pm
we reached the beach!!the beach waters dint seem to have lost its charm was as usual fascinating!we took photos!we sat on the sand and started talking about all the things that go in our class..the romance,lessons,proposals,films,scoldings,insults everything!!we talked until we realised that it was too late!!
by seven thirty we  started from the beach to our respective places!!the day was long!!fun filled!!
it wasnt the film,ea nor the beach which made my day!!it was my friends who made the day up!!


PS: these words are no equivalent to the fun i had !! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

thoughts on a sleepless night!!!!

Morning 0:00 am....all my family was sound asleep.....i was the only one awake watching  the fourthday of the first test match of India's tour of West Indies...India needed a wicket to win ..and eventually India won..India were on their peak.seriously it was not about winning now..its about how good they win...and after the presentation party i switched the tv off and searched for something to eat or drink in the refridgerator.There was nothing except some green vegetables to eat.Then i went to bed with nothing really to do..
it was a long night...i really dint feel sleepy...with samsung headset in my ear i started staring at the ceiling ...without paying any attention to the loud  music i started dreaming..THIS IS WHEN I GET MY SUPER SAINTIFIC THOUGHTS which were louder than the music tat came throught the ear piece.....

i think about all crazy things that happened..thoughts of everything tat happened tat day ,the day before ,the things that i did,things i dint do ,things i should have done ,the scoldings and so on lingered on my mind..suddenly my mind started thinking about cricket..I started analysing india's performances on the day..

The thought of daryl harper's bad umpiring in the test match stuck on my mind for quite long and this led way to one of my wonderful thoughts.....
Daryl Harper was from Australia umpiring one of his last matches before he was goin to retire....Harper gave raina out for a catch which eventually came from the thigh of his worst decisions in the match...this made conditions difficult for india...but still india went on to win the match .this thought led into another...

So its not others judgement of you thats goin to matter.when u give in to their the judgements ,thats when u fail...self assessment is the best assessment providing the assessment is honest and should neva accept ur weakness but assess on what u have to do to make u strong...
for instance take my mother...she always tell that am goin to be great some time...but her judgement is not going to happen unless i give a thought about lets take a better example..remember  how thomas alva edison was judged by his teacher??but later he came on to become one big scientist who his teacher can flaunt about as their neva give into others judgement however great those people are...ITS YOU WHO KNOWS YOU BETTER.

people I know that there is no connection between the umpiring decisions and my thought...but some great thoughts come only this way...and this is how our brain is designed...but seriously am i the only one who get these thoughts??do u ppl also get these thoughts when u are sleepless??i really wonder.....

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:never give into others judgement ...its you who knows u better..!!!.
SECOND THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: boredom and sleeplessness can bring the saint in u out!!!

PS:i dint drink anything other than water that day!!!