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Monday, November 12, 2012

One Study Hour

What my mother implies:
By study hour ,my mother means  a clean me with a washed face wearing three streaks of ashes on my forehead with a small dot of red kumkum on the centre of my forehead sitting on a chair with my back erect for an hour in front of my study table with a book on one hand  ,a pen on the other with the laptop in front of me with an eBook opened  where she can visualize a matrix of numbers ,alphabets ,structures, signs and symbols storming into my brain with me devouring the entire book within an hour and thereby ending up having a bright neon light of enlightenment circling my back head.
My study hour:
Page 1
All my activities start good. I wash my face and set my table up for the study hour .I start studying sitting on a chair with my back erect referring two or three books. Two minutes ticks off. This is where I get lost in the loop of thoughts. (Say chemistry)
“Mendeleev’s periodic table is classified into seven groups. My teacher juxtaposed it with seven notes of music. Aah !!!Rahaman released a single from his film Kadal. I got to download it and I also got to download the sitcom… aah! the sitcom is already downloaded… OK let me see that, meanwhile the song gets downloaded.Oh no I got to study. Let me see this after wards..Nothing is going to be lost in twenty minutes. I will watch one episode alone”

This is when my friend calls to break the loop enquiring me of the days portion and also my status of completion .So in order to reciprocate, I ask him back and listen to his status which makes me guilty of not utilizing the time and sets up a nervous energy putting me back on the chair with my book in hands.

Page 1
After a few minutes, the curious me logs into Facebook to check the status of my other fellows which fills me up with further nervous energy now attaching me to the chair even stronger. After a while not withstanding all the nervous energy I sit before the television to stress it out where my parents come chasing me into my room and making me lock my room .Now all I can hear is the ticking of the clock. Tick tick tick tick like a tiny bomb reminding you that your head is going to burst with all the information from the book. Still I force myself to study.
Page 1
Now that considerable amount time has passed, I  start feeling  by back aching making me change my base to the bed from the chair, placing the book, lap on the bed with me lying with the chest on my bed with my head in level with the laptop screen. This position I think is the most productive position if not for all at least to me. After a while this lying changes to hanging with one knee on the bed and other knee on the floor followed by complete bed rest with the back on the bed ,head on the pillow and laptop and book on the chest. I still continue reading.

Page 1:
After a while I feel the need for writing down few important formulae down. The first thing that gets jotted down when my pen meets the paper is my signature. I sometimes get completely obsessed with my signature and sometimes compare it with those of famous CEO’s, sporting legends, actors etc., and if the subject is very stressful, my hand involuntarily sketches the caricature of my professor in reverence to his hardship making the formulae and details secondary.

Page 1:
After time keeps constantly knocking me off, I feel the need to refill my ammunition to the brain heading straight to the refrigerator   which I consider the Akshaya pathiram  containing food whenever I need. On my way back my mother shouts “Do you have your brains in the fridge??why do you keep opening it every five minutes??”
“What??Did I open it five minutes back??”
Only then did I realize that I opened the fridge five minutes back which set me into bewilderment of how the above things just went in a jiffy. This gave me a lesson of relativity of how books can stretch time.I felt betrayed by the books. I felt exhausted. I can no longer be knocked off by time. I can no longer study. So I devised a plan.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Detective -D and Stolen biscuits

Detective D is a fictional character characterized to be a self-proclaimed ,detective- next door ,solving all cases that came under his jurisdiction involving stolen biscuits,broken glass panes,scribbling on the wall ,and other crazy problems of the locality of the city, Dhirma , with ease , acumen and insight that can be compared to the detectives who occupy the higher echelons in police.

 Swaminathan , Aranganathan , and Nathan were blood brothers born to Pattabinathan,a retired post master of the city Dhirma. Swaminathan and all his brothers were unmarried, aging between 28 and 35 with Nathan being the eldest and Aranganthan being the youngest.All three of them loved their father so much that they always fought among themselves  for keeping Pattabinathan with them which led to a life long rivalry.Hence the three brothers after  holding many levels of talks came into a consensus that each brother will get to keep their father for one month. After many years while Mr.Pattabinathan was in Swaminathan's house in his death bed he gave his son a polythene bag which he took from his iron chest  and gave it to his son and uttered his last words.The bag had the name Daily Fresh printed on it with a loaf of bread as it logo.Daily fresh was a grocery store where most of People of Dhirma bought their daily needs from.

After  three days of his fathers death Mr.Swaminathan called in Detective-D at his office with a name board saying "Detective -D-offering criminal solutions"
"hello Mr.D .My name is Swaminathan.I  heard about your skills. Now I have a  scenario  that might challenge you a bit."

"First of all Mr.Swaminathan take your seat .Last week I solved the case of disputed ownership of a puppy within one day.So relax.At Mr.D's  all mysteries will be solved with ease.Would you like a coke ?"

"No,Mr. D,I'm not in mood for a coke.although i may not say a no for a beer but i am not insisting you to bring me one"
"so you want it or not?..oh leave it aside!!
 So Mr.Swaminathan what are the stakes involved in the scenario"

"Its the packet of biscuits .Its the packets which my father gave it to me when he died.It was the last packet he gave me.It was one of my proud possessions which I had for only three days.I was planning it to put in a airtight container and preserve it for the rest of my life "stammered Swaminathan with a hint of tear coming across the corners of his eyes.

"Oh please Mr.Swaminathan. Ill handle it.Can you please elaborate me on the scenario"

"My father gave me a bag which had a box of my favorite biscuits and the bill of the product .now the
  box is not there on the cupboard where i had placed it.i guess some one has stolen it"

"Mr.Swaminathan ,are you sure no one ate it.Because its a packet of biscuits .more often than not people would like to eat if they see it."

"Im pretty sure I didn't eat it.and I am the only person who live in my house and perhaps the biscuit was placed in my cupboard.No visitors or relatives of my house have access to my personal cupboard.I am  sure it was a planned event.Someone who don't want the biscuits to be with me have done this thing "

"Do u suspect anyone??"

"yes I suspect my brothers.I and my brothers Aranganathan and Nathan were hostile to each other.One common thing we loved most was our father.So I suspect they might have taken the biscuits.but I am not sure.It might be  anyone and I don't want my brothers to know that I suspect them.I don't want make our relations more worse."

"So who were in your house in between the time when you saw the biscuit box last time and when the box was stolen."
" My brothers were there and other relatives were there for the funeral of my father but no one are allowed inside my room though."

"Swaminathan you should understand the fact that thieves don't ask your permission to steal the box of biscuits.You arrange a get together on Tuesday in your house calling all your brothers and relatives who were there for the funeral of your father  so that I get to examine their characteristics  and keep a lot of biscuits for the get together and don't let them know that I am a detective."

"hey welcome MR.B..these are my siblings Aranganathan and Nathan.  "
"he is Mr.B a private no a private business man"said Swaminathan as Detective-D and the brothers exchanged pleasantries. 
"Swaminathan you almost screwed things up.and meanwhile whats up with the name name is D."inquired detective D pulling Swaminathan to one side
"No,No .I did'nt want them to find you are  a there came the idea of B"
"Nice work Swaminthan"detective-d told 

"Hey Mr.Swaminathan.give me the address of your brothers so that i could meet them at their residence "
 "oh sure you go"

After Two Days..

Mr.D called  swaminathan"I guess I have zeroed in on the criminal .I'll let you know the proceedings tomorrow in the presence of your brother Aranganathan and Nathan..
The Next day
Detective-D and three brothers arrived at the scene.By now all the three brothers came to know that Mr.B was actually the famous local detective Mr.D.

"Hello Nathan brothers.I guess all three of you don't like I right? I found it during the party when there was loads of biscuit on the party you three people  went for the crunchy Muruku. That was my first observation.My visit to Mr.Aranganathans bungalow made things pretty clear.The mistake  was throwing the empty box  at a garbage heap back of his home which I found when I dug into the heap.But I wanted to confirm if the box was stolen or was it the box you bought.So I went to Daily fresh.Checked your grocery store list for the previous months there was no single box of biscuit ordered or purchased."

"It was you who stole the box of biscuits father gave me"lunged Mr.swaminathan as scenario turned bitter with Mr.Aranganathans image hitting a low.
"Im sorry Swami.I loved Father so much that I wanted to eat the last biscuits he gave..I also wished he died in my place so that i could have got the it was me who came to your room on the night of the funeral "apologized Aranganathan with his face down.
"Wait Mr.Swaminathan,the story is not yet over."Mr.D raised his voice leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.
"I wanted to conform that the empty biscuit box that was lying down   was the one which was bought by your I crosschecked with  the grocery store database system where the bar code on the empty box showed that the person who bought the biscuit was to my surprise Mr.Nathan.It was Nathan who replaced the Father's biscuit box with the one he bought from the grocery store and Mr.Aranganathan thought it was the original one bought by his father and he ate it.The one nice thing is that the biscuit your father brought is still there at Mr.Nathan's house.Am i right .???Or you ate it??

"don't tell me you ate it??please"swaminathan was anxious
"no its still with me "Nathan quoted with a lowered tone.

"Shame on you guys,I never knew that you people could get so low.return the biscuits within today evening"said  swaminathan as he was about to leave the discussion room.

"Wait Mr.Swaminathan.there is no reason for you to get irritated as you were the prime reason for this bitter situation"asserted detective-D

"why?me?why would you say that"
"yes you.Your the main convict .You were the one who hid the letter your father gave along with bag he gave you.Which came in to my notice when I examined the cupboard.I found the letter under one of your dresses which you were clearly hiding from me.As the letter stated your father wanted to clearly divide the biscuit box among you three as he loved you three equally.But you didn't want to give your brothers their share.Its your greediness which caused this scenario"

"I hired you,but you fired me"
"Sorry Mr.Swaminathan.after all ,cases should be dealt fair and  square."


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

we need more ........dustbins!!

India and Indians - Both being a rising brand hit the headlines quite often at the world stage but for different reasons though.We read a newspaper where India hits the headline for coal scam reporting a loss of about 10 lakh crores.In the science and business pages we see an Indian appointed  CEO of a international investment bank or an Indian inventing a protocol to produce some drug or process or an Indian receiving the White house national medal for economics.In the next page we see the report of a survey reporting the number of deaths due to poor hygiene and India topping the list.There can't be cited a better example than the  the last page depicting Indians excelling and India in a pitiful state.

 why can't we maintain our own country. ?the reason always cited is lack of awareness and education. .Everyday i see people spitting on the roads,throwing wrappers on street,peeing on the walls. one such incident

mother: Don't dirty your hands.don't pick up things on the road.

The same mom changes the diaper of her younger child and throws it on the road. the mother who teaches personal cleanliness and cleanliness at home to her kid sets  a bad example to her kid in maintaining public hygiene. I agree .charity and all habits should start at home.but it shouldn't end there.

A complete change in the cleanliness profile is tough.It took me eighteen years to change .I was a normal citizen till i got inspired by a friend of mine who never used to drop a piece of paper on the ground and used to collect the juice cups from everyone preventing them from dropping it down.Her actions might not change the existing conditions but its a seed to bring about a catastrophic change to the cleanliness profile.

Our Government has the responsibility  of inspiring people on a large scale  to have a cleaner environment.when there are dustbins  placed every 50 meters , mobile restrooms located on every streets and surveilling officers and cameras in position coupled with high fines , public messiness will decrease considerably..These infrastructure  developments are much needed for the time being more than laptops and television sets provided by the government.These might cost the government a fortune but considering the returns  it must be considered a infrastructure investment.

Return on investments:
-a better living place.
-improved tourism.
-less number of endemics.
-increase in cleanliness index at world stage.a reason which might lift the heads of Indians imparting a pride in them.

Thereof ,only the coordination of authorities and people could only make India a better place to live in where one doesn't have to see other man peeing publicly.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Secret behind Tower of Pisa!!!

Leaning tower of Pisa is a Bell tower of the cathedral of the city Pisa. It’s one of the world wonders for the 55 meter tall building is leaning with an angle of 3.99 degree to the ground. The reason cited for the leaning of the tower was faulty construction, planning and poor soil choosing. The real reason would have been unknown to everyone if I hadn't attained enlightenment which happened when I was sitting on the top of the tank starring at a tree on which the video  of the reason behind the tilt was played. Let me take this platform to tell you the truth. Many people think Pisa is an example of bad architecture. But it isn’t true. That’s what Thesis the Roman god of creation was trying to tell in that videos that he addressed to me.

The tower's construction lasted for about 200 years starting on 1172 AD interrupted by many wars. By 1178 AD the tower began to tilt. The reason behind the tilt was the war between the super heroes and super villains named the ‘Super battle’. Bell tower considered sacred by Christians was an disturbing thing for the dark forces. They wanted the tower to be destroyed. So the Dark Lord sent his team of villains comprising Skeletor, Frieza ,Mojo Jojo, Brainiac , and Atlas to destroy the Bell tower. The super hero team comprised of Superman, Captain Planet ,Power puff girls,Goku ,He-man. All people who had enrolled for the war were present near the battle field next to the bell tower. All the super heroes and villains were hanging on the air except for He-man who never seemed to leave his tiger even if he had a sophisticated jet plane. King Kai presided over the war. Ground rules were clearly laid before
1) No one is supposed to use their best moves until the end of the scene.
2) till then everyone are supposed to be defending themselves.
 Everyone started fighting and defending themselves. There was Goku shouting ‘kamaya maya’ with a flash of neon light coming through is hands which was reciprocated by Freiza with sodium vapor light coming through his index finger. And He-man was on a sword fight with skeletor. Captain planet was flying around forming a shield around the   tower. Mojo Jojo was busy hitting on the three girls which was followed by fighting with them with one of the high five guns he invented in the lab which as usual ended with the girls punching his chin from under with Mojo Jojo going flying thrashing on the ground forming a dent on the ground. Brainiac was doing his part fighting with superman giving him a tough time.

After all the war ,Goku was creating the spirit bomb collecting all the energy from nature and balancing it over his head and directed it towards the super villains.Freiza with all his powers reflected it back towards the super hero team. It was now fast moving towards the super hero team like a boomerang .All the heroes moved from its way.Now it was moving towards the tower of  Pisa. The super villains on seeing that considered their job done and left their places immediately. But superman flew towards the tower of Pisa and kicked he tower with all his power so that tower moved from the way of the spirit bomb and there was another super hero whose face was hid with a cloth and he had cloth tied to his head and a small sword on his belt. He was the super hero who caught the tower from the other side after superman kicked it. There was no clue of how his face looked. He looked very lean. But he managed to support the entire tower with his single hand. Mean while super man went back to his planet to bring the invisible mountain namely ‘Kryptoganga’ to Earth. The super heroes used the invisible mountain’s rocks to build two supporting pillars so that the tower Pisa remains supported in its tilt. It took them only two minutes to build the supporting pillars.Till now not even a clue of the pillars were known.They made the pillars invisible so that the beauty of the building is not compromised.They are super heroes for no reasons.
The invisible pillars made visible for ur convienience.
Video has raised the question of who the unknown super hero might be.He seemed to have  the knife shown below .Am still researching on the knife.If u guys get to know abt the knife ..pls let me know.!

 Ps: please share the information you have recieved now!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is how I saved lord Rama

Completely imaginary:-
I am Sriram. Marine engineer by profession .Wearing the uniform, commanding a set of people was always a pride. It was a job I always liked  and dreamt from the very beginning of my teenage. This passion of mine led me to do one of the greatest things in history.
June 19th 2011.I got a call from the Chief of Naval Forces of Greenland Mr.William Huggleburg. 
‘hey Captain. I collected your profile from Government of India.Your records were amazing.’
‘Yes sir!!Thank you sir . ’I said with my chin up
 ‘Great work. Your one of the chosen sailors who would explore Bermuda triangle as it blocks the sea route of Greenland to the American countries. What is   your call?? Would you like to join??
‘I would love too. When shall I report’ I inquired without any hesitation
‘Great then . Complete all paper works. Catch your flight. Rest details   will be provided to you on your arrival here.Cya then.’
August 5th 2011. I reached Greenland .I reported. They furnished all details about the project .I was provided with a team of 35 experts from 10 different countries and all the latest equipments which were robust enough to report the reading directly to the head quarters even under bad conditions to know what exactly was wrong with the area and why people disappeared on entering the triangular water body .This was a project of life time. I was so excited and nervous about it. We were also equipped with ammunition to fight sea pirates.
August 11th 2011.We set sail from Greenland in a vessel namely the’ Nuuk ’. Fun was never a part of their life nor was it a part of my life. We had limited food supply .We ate less .Worked more. Slept less. I was constantly reporting to the head port at Nuuk the capital of green land using my Samsung galaxy tab which I bought from the zap store and it also helped me finding the directions and the nearest ports to refill our stocks.

August 29th,2011. I alerted every one about   the ship nearing the Bermuda triangle. It was a full moon .The tides were more heavy than the normal. The wind was blowing hard. All signs of danger were there. Readings were automatically send to the head port. We entered the triangle. The turbulence started to increase..Something started to pull us down..Our ship were quivering. Our reporting devices started to fail .No reports were send to the head port now. All of a sudden a mountain of water was formed which engulfed the whole crew. No one was on board! I and my back pack containing all the safety measures including the life jacket and a gun and torch were on water. I couldn’t see any other crew member out there. Another mountain of water was formed and engulfed me.

100000000 B.C
I thought I would die. I thought that was my last sail. I thought that was the last time I could see the world. I  thought that was the last time I could use my Samsung galaxy tab. But none happened. The mountain of water pushed me through a tunnel in the speed of light and this tunnel led way to a new world and then the water pushed me out of the tunnel. Now I was  in  mid air flying and bam I was on the floor. I lost consciousness.
By the time when I opened my eyes I was surrounded by people looking at me by amusement. All the people were ancient Indian like. I thought I was saved by some village people .All people were traditional. They wore sarees .They had big red circles on their fore heads .All men wore a cloth around their bottom portions and their upper body laid coverless .They had a cloth tied on their head and a metal arm band on their fore arms and biceps. Amazingly all men had a six pack there .
‘Who are you’ asked a person who seemed to be the head person
‘I am a Marine Engineer .My name is Sriram ‘
‘What what is your name??’
‘My name is Sriram..S-R-I-R-A-M’ I got irritated
‘Wow .Even our King’s name is Ram .Where are you from? what are you doing here??’
‘I already told you that I was a Marine Engineer, the one who works in a ship..I am from Chennai. Can I get a place to live here?’
‘What is Chennai . No you can’t get a place to live here until our king orders. We will take you to king tomorrow. Until then you can stay in my house’
‘Thank you ‘ I said thinking really very high of the man who allowed me to stay in his house without knowing who I am and wondering if there were villages still ruled by kings.
‘Between, what place is this?
‘Ayodhya . Didn’t you know it when you came here??!!’he exclaimed
‘I never know what happened and how I came is a long story ‘I said as I continued walking wondering how I had come there as Ayodhya was not a sea port too .I was badly hurt internally so I couldn’t think much.
I went to the head man’s house. It was a large hut  built of bamboo .There were some 20 men and women employed to assist his wife and him in house hold chores. The floors were made of cow dung .I was asked to stay in a room along with the workers. I was so badly hurt that I slept within seconds after I lay down.
Next day early in the morning I was taken to kings durbar .’Once you see King Bharathan you will have to bow and ask him permission to stay here ’the head man told.
‘King Bharathan,??You told Rama was your king??’
‘No. He was sent to forest for a period of fourteen years by one of the wives of his father Dasarathar.’
Dasarathar, Rama, Bharathan ,Ayodhya!! All four connected. I started to recognize where I was. I was in Ramayana the story which I had heard for thousand times from my grandparents. Now i realized that I was in the past .I asked the head mans daughter about the kingdom and lord Rama .Her name was Vasana. The woman was the most beautiful women I have ever seen both in the past and present(both in the past and present-this phrase work really good here).Even lions and tigers would like to sit on her lap and play.She made Ramayana more interesting than it was.I spent a week with her hearing to stories of lord Rama and then confirmed that I was in Ramayana period .I guessed by then Sita would have been kidnapped by Ravana the demon who ruled Lanka.I wanted to help Lord Rama as I knew the future of what is gonna happen. I went in search of them in the forest along with the head man’s daughter who came along with me after I talked to her father and told him about the potential dangers Rama and Sita would anticipate if I was not guided by his daughter to lord Rama’s camp at the right time.On the way there was something going between me and Vasana. We constantly exchanged smiles and eye contacts.she felt secured in my company and I never felt the time going when she was beside me .We reached the camp in another two months.

I went to the camp. I met lord Rama. It was divine. One gets infected with peace and enlightenment on seeing him.  He was worried by Sita’s absence .I told lord Rama that I can help him.I told him about how I came from the future and what is gonna happen next. He believed me. Lord Hanuman was already prepared to go in search of Sita to Lanka through air. With the permission of lord Rama I went along lord hanuman on his back to Lanka .We met  Sita Devi  under a tree guarded by evil women guards who were ordered to be nice to Sita by Ravana who loved Sita and asked her marry to him .We saw Sita Devi sitting with her face down ,and brave heart confident of Lord Rama coming and saving her. I and lord hanuman met Sita Devi.I took pictures of Sita Devi in my galaxy tab and Sita Devi gave me a souvenir and asked me to give it to Lord Rama.
We reached India back. I showed the pic of Sita Devi and gave Lord Rama the souvenir .Lord Rama couldn’t control his tears while seeing the pic. He was so angry on Ravana on seeing Sita’s state. So a war was declared between Ravana and lord Rama .A bridge was built between India and Lanka through which lord Ramas troop of Vanaras went into Lanka.

The initial stages of war were fought by the sons and brother of Ravana .All of them lost their lives to the sacred arrows of lord Rama. Then came Ravana. His powers were known to every one. He had ten heads. Every head has regeneration properties until all the heads were chopped off at the same time or they are destroyed at the same time. I knew finally lord Rama would win the battle but some how I lost patience and I wanted to be back with Vasana and so I gave lord Rama a rocket launcher which I had as a self defence against sea pirates to lord Rama .When Ravana was unarmed lord Rama aimed at Ravana's rathaa(horse carriage) and  had a shot at it. Ravana’s body and head blasted into pieces. Soon we went into Lanka in search of Sita. We went into Ashoka garden where Sita was held up and relieved her .The look  Sita Devi and Rama had when they met each other can never be described. Love radiated in air .The light of happiness in their eyes made entire lanka glow. It was an awesome moment. Only once in  a 100 trillion years will one get time travel opportunity like this.
I joined with Vasana.  Our love was comparable to that of lord rama and sita.It was the best of relation ships I have ever had. Lord Rama offered to send me back to my time.But my love for Vasana made me refuse it but I asked lord Rama to provide me internet access to narrate the above story for the love adventure miracle completion taking place in using my Samsung galaxy tab bought from zap stores which I had it in my back pack in the beginning.
-its sriram signing off from 100000000b.c with vasana by his side

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