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Monday, June 11, 2012

Detective -D and Stolen biscuits

Detective D is a fictional character characterized to be a self-proclaimed ,detective- next door ,solving all cases that came under his jurisdiction involving stolen biscuits,broken glass panes,scribbling on the wall ,and other crazy problems of the locality of the city, Dhirma , with ease , acumen and insight that can be compared to the detectives who occupy the higher echelons in police.

 Swaminathan , Aranganathan , and Nathan were blood brothers born to Pattabinathan,a retired post master of the city Dhirma. Swaminathan and all his brothers were unmarried, aging between 28 and 35 with Nathan being the eldest and Aranganthan being the youngest.All three of them loved their father so much that they always fought among themselves  for keeping Pattabinathan with them which led to a life long rivalry.Hence the three brothers after  holding many levels of talks came into a consensus that each brother will get to keep their father for one month. After many years while Mr.Pattabinathan was in Swaminathan's house in his death bed he gave his son a polythene bag which he took from his iron chest  and gave it to his son and uttered his last words.The bag had the name Daily Fresh printed on it with a loaf of bread as it logo.Daily fresh was a grocery store where most of People of Dhirma bought their daily needs from.

After  three days of his fathers death Mr.Swaminathan called in Detective-D at his office with a name board saying "Detective -D-offering criminal solutions"
"hello Mr.D .My name is Swaminathan.I  heard about your skills. Now I have a  scenario  that might challenge you a bit."

"First of all Mr.Swaminathan take your seat .Last week I solved the case of disputed ownership of a puppy within one day.So relax.At Mr.D's  all mysteries will be solved with ease.Would you like a coke ?"

"No,Mr. D,I'm not in mood for a coke.although i may not say a no for a beer but i am not insisting you to bring me one"
"so you want it or not?..oh leave it aside!!
 So Mr.Swaminathan what are the stakes involved in the scenario"

"Its the packet of biscuits .Its the packets which my father gave it to me when he died.It was the last packet he gave me.It was one of my proud possessions which I had for only three days.I was planning it to put in a airtight container and preserve it for the rest of my life "stammered Swaminathan with a hint of tear coming across the corners of his eyes.

"Oh please Mr.Swaminathan. Ill handle it.Can you please elaborate me on the scenario"

"My father gave me a bag which had a box of my favorite biscuits and the bill of the product .now the
  box is not there on the cupboard where i had placed it.i guess some one has stolen it"

"Mr.Swaminathan ,are you sure no one ate it.Because its a packet of biscuits .more often than not people would like to eat if they see it."

"Im pretty sure I didn't eat it.and I am the only person who live in my house and perhaps the biscuit was placed in my cupboard.No visitors or relatives of my house have access to my personal cupboard.I am  sure it was a planned event.Someone who don't want the biscuits to be with me have done this thing "

"Do u suspect anyone??"

"yes I suspect my brothers.I and my brothers Aranganathan and Nathan were hostile to each other.One common thing we loved most was our father.So I suspect they might have taken the biscuits.but I am not sure.It might be  anyone and I don't want my brothers to know that I suspect them.I don't want make our relations more worse."

"So who were in your house in between the time when you saw the biscuit box last time and when the box was stolen."
" My brothers were there and other relatives were there for the funeral of my father but no one are allowed inside my room though."

"Swaminathan you should understand the fact that thieves don't ask your permission to steal the box of biscuits.You arrange a get together on Tuesday in your house calling all your brothers and relatives who were there for the funeral of your father  so that I get to examine their characteristics  and keep a lot of biscuits for the get together and don't let them know that I am a detective."

"hey welcome MR.B..these are my siblings Aranganathan and Nathan.  "
"he is Mr.B a private no a private business man"said Swaminathan as Detective-D and the brothers exchanged pleasantries. 
"Swaminathan you almost screwed things up.and meanwhile whats up with the name name is D."inquired detective D pulling Swaminathan to one side
"No,No .I did'nt want them to find you are  a there came the idea of B"
"Nice work Swaminthan"detective-d told 

"Hey Mr.Swaminathan.give me the address of your brothers so that i could meet them at their residence "
 "oh sure you go"

After Two Days..

Mr.D called  swaminathan"I guess I have zeroed in on the criminal .I'll let you know the proceedings tomorrow in the presence of your brother Aranganathan and Nathan..
The Next day
Detective-D and three brothers arrived at the scene.By now all the three brothers came to know that Mr.B was actually the famous local detective Mr.D.

"Hello Nathan brothers.I guess all three of you don't like I right? I found it during the party when there was loads of biscuit on the party you three people  went for the crunchy Muruku. That was my first observation.My visit to Mr.Aranganathans bungalow made things pretty clear.The mistake  was throwing the empty box  at a garbage heap back of his home which I found when I dug into the heap.But I wanted to confirm if the box was stolen or was it the box you bought.So I went to Daily fresh.Checked your grocery store list for the previous months there was no single box of biscuit ordered or purchased."

"It was you who stole the box of biscuits father gave me"lunged Mr.swaminathan as scenario turned bitter with Mr.Aranganathans image hitting a low.
"Im sorry Swami.I loved Father so much that I wanted to eat the last biscuits he gave..I also wished he died in my place so that i could have got the it was me who came to your room on the night of the funeral "apologized Aranganathan with his face down.
"Wait Mr.Swaminathan,the story is not yet over."Mr.D raised his voice leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.
"I wanted to conform that the empty biscuit box that was lying down   was the one which was bought by your I crosschecked with  the grocery store database system where the bar code on the empty box showed that the person who bought the biscuit was to my surprise Mr.Nathan.It was Nathan who replaced the Father's biscuit box with the one he bought from the grocery store and Mr.Aranganathan thought it was the original one bought by his father and he ate it.The one nice thing is that the biscuit your father brought is still there at Mr.Nathan's house.Am i right .???Or you ate it??

"don't tell me you ate it??please"swaminathan was anxious
"no its still with me "Nathan quoted with a lowered tone.

"Shame on you guys,I never knew that you people could get so low.return the biscuits within today evening"said  swaminathan as he was about to leave the discussion room.

"Wait Mr.Swaminathan.there is no reason for you to get irritated as you were the prime reason for this bitter situation"asserted detective-D

"why?me?why would you say that"
"yes you.Your the main convict .You were the one who hid the letter your father gave along with bag he gave you.Which came in to my notice when I examined the cupboard.I found the letter under one of your dresses which you were clearly hiding from me.As the letter stated your father wanted to clearly divide the biscuit box among you three as he loved you three equally.But you didn't want to give your brothers their share.Its your greediness which caused this scenario"

"I hired you,but you fired me"
"Sorry Mr.Swaminathan.after all ,cases should be dealt fair and  square."


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