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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

we need more ........dustbins!!

India and Indians - Both being a rising brand hit the headlines quite often at the world stage but for different reasons though.We read a newspaper where India hits the headline for coal scam reporting a loss of about 10 lakh crores.In the science and business pages we see an Indian appointed  CEO of a international investment bank or an Indian inventing a protocol to produce some drug or process or an Indian receiving the White house national medal for economics.In the next page we see the report of a survey reporting the number of deaths due to poor hygiene and India topping the list.There can't be cited a better example than the  the last page depicting Indians excelling and India in a pitiful state.

 why can't we maintain our own country. ?the reason always cited is lack of awareness and education. .Everyday i see people spitting on the roads,throwing wrappers on street,peeing on the walls. one such incident

mother: Don't dirty your hands.don't pick up things on the road.

The same mom changes the diaper of her younger child and throws it on the road. the mother who teaches personal cleanliness and cleanliness at home to her kid sets  a bad example to her kid in maintaining public hygiene. I agree .charity and all habits should start at home.but it shouldn't end there.

A complete change in the cleanliness profile is tough.It took me eighteen years to change .I was a normal citizen till i got inspired by a friend of mine who never used to drop a piece of paper on the ground and used to collect the juice cups from everyone preventing them from dropping it down.Her actions might not change the existing conditions but its a seed to bring about a catastrophic change to the cleanliness profile.

Our Government has the responsibility  of inspiring people on a large scale  to have a cleaner environment.when there are dustbins  placed every 50 meters , mobile restrooms located on every streets and surveilling officers and cameras in position coupled with high fines , public messiness will decrease considerably..These infrastructure  developments are much needed for the time being more than laptops and television sets provided by the government.These might cost the government a fortune but considering the returns  it must be considered a infrastructure investment.

Return on investments:
-a better living place.
-improved tourism.
-less number of endemics.
-increase in cleanliness index at world stage.a reason which might lift the heads of Indians imparting a pride in them.

Thereof ,only the coordination of authorities and people could only make India a better place to live in where one doesn't have to see other man peeing publicly.

This post is an entry for 'Time to change' contest conductedby STAY FREE  along with Indiblogger.

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