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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

B for ball

Part of the A-Z topic is kindergarten.!!
Disclaimer:not intended to make any sense or point.

hey ball,
You're so round,
You might be an hollow sphere
but you're the dream of a  hemisphere.
people hit you down.
you rise up.
people bash you against the wall.
you come back to them.
spinners lick you hard.
pacers rub you hard until their groins are hot
still you go bouncing,swinging,turning
until the batsmen tear your stitches apart.
but you still occupy the shelf as a signed memoir.
people pump you,
they puncture you,
they stitch you up without anaesthesia
but you still get happily kicked.
 are you here a metaphor for struggle?
 as this poem  as shaped up by default
it appears so!!
it was not intended though.

ps-sorry for using the word poem!!and comment is under feel free.

wait for c for cat!!