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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Being sick can be quite awesome!!

Being sick might make us tired,make us sleep the whole day,make our bodies ache,make our heads pain,dehydrate our bodies make our throats ache ,make us vomit,make us feel dizzy but it also has its share in attention seeking.all of a sudden u become  a hit in your surroundings..constant pampering by mother,who makes the food you can digest,father who  takes you to a doctor ,sister who brings water for your tablets,,friends who constantly enquire about your health,and family members who flood the phone with calls enquiring about your health and suggesting some drugs and food,inbox filled with take care messages and especially during exams being sick is an excellent and well accepted excuse for not doing yeah!!being sick is quite awesome where the attention covers for its physical manifestations.

PS:the sickness mentioned above is small kind of sickness like fever,cold.not sickness like TB,cholera or fractures where you wont be conscious enough to feel the don't go and break your bones to feel it!!