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Thursday, December 22, 2011

five social situations

what does a girl do when a boy says she is beautiful!!
someone(s.o):-your beautiful today!!(lying)
girl:-don't lie!!me in this dress??this shoes??this make up??Ur lying right(Pl say no)
s.o: no am not lying..Ur truly gorgeous(i am lying)
girl: am not that hot as that girl ??(Pl say i am prettier)
s.o:no she isn't!!Ur more hotter!!(no u aren't)
girl:oh Pl!stop!!(Pl continue)
s.o:(i should not have started)OK i stop!!
(after some time)
s.o:(aargh!!from the beginning)

what does  a girl do when you ask her something she doesn't knows:
s.o:please give me an idea for an event
girl:i am not  that intelligent like you to think of an event..!why do u even ask me!!:p(smiley for indicating sarcasm!and expects s.o to say how intelligent she is)
s.o: no!u are intelligent(i know u aren't!i just wanted you to know that i am organizing an event)
and Pl stop saying these stupid dialogues
girl:(wow!!here he comes and falls in the pit by saying i can say the magical lines)"FINE STOP ASKING ME!I AM LIKE THAT!(this is supposed to show my attitude)
s.o:(i know it isn't worth asking you)i think  Ur off mood!!i ll catch u later.. 

a famous one
girl1:heyyyyyyyyyyyy!!long time!!!!!!i missed you  so much( i never bothered to call you)
girl2:yeah!!!!i too missed you!how is life(i never thought about you)
boy next to them:(ulaga maaga nadipuda saami)

regarding the busy status and being invisible:
thoughts on a boys mind when he sees the busy status:
1)why the heck should you log into messenger and then be busy??
2)why can't  you sign out when your busy??
3)why do u want this much of attention??
4)at least let the world know what your busy with like "busy watching photos in fb","busy watching vampire diaries","busy watching a lame Korean opera","busy cleaning my ears","busy selecting which guy to talk"
thoughts when a girl pings a guy when she is invisible
1)why cant she be visible??
2)who is gonna talk to her when she is visible
3)ithu sappa scene

situation:when the mistake is on both sides..the thought flow goes like this
girl:(i really don't think i can come up with a sorry before i can hear it once...S.O.R.R.Y...five words!!!!how am i gonna spell it!!each and every time it gets stuck in the mouth)
boy:(i cant keep this stupid thing in  my mind for much time..what is that word??ah SORRY!let me tell that word and get rid of this!!)
girl:(this is how its spelt!!nice)I'm sorry too
boy:its OK!!(as if i care)

ps:no offence to anyone!!


  1. Lol :) You have taken a jab at many people in our class! And love the talk between over scene girls!

  2. haha.. sema da.. meeting after a long time is really true..