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Friday, March 8, 2013

Women's day special !!

My vision for women in Chennai!!
Let me start with some fun things :
-A woman who doesn't hit his brother and start crying .
-A woman who accepts defeat in a board game.
-A woman who shops in ten minutes.
-A woman who doesn't flatter her father and winning him from his brother. 
-A woman who does watch films for its artistic value rather than for the khans in it.
-A woman who does not like vampires.
-A woman who buys a diamond ring for her fiance.
Wouldn't all this be a sight!!

The three most influential women in my life:
My mother for sure has been the most influential person from day 1 of my life.She decided my body temperature.She decided my school.She decided my wardrobe.Helped me crack school.Gave me the maturity I need to take my decisions and left me alone(freedom).The judicious decisions she takes during crisis,calmness with which she handles situations,the anger she  shows when people are wrong,the politeness with which she handles people at work and ultimately her art of prioritizing-the way she juggles family and work striking perfect balance are perfect examples of how one should live her life.With all these lessons from her I'm pretty sure I'll be able to survive even the white house pressure like a piece of chocolate.

Long time back,my baby sister and I were in the officially allowed period for innocent physical fights.
Even with my menacingly strong arms and her surprisingly tiny stature she never used to get threatened when I called her for a combat for the ultimate right to the remote.I don't know if its her moral will or my father's support. Its the same till now.Never does she succumb to pressure.

After my grandfather left,in the middle of a family crisis regarding properties, the intelligence,sagaciousness, and diplomacy my grandmother practiced to restore peace in the family could as well be a lesson for an Indian diplomat to Pakistan.

Growing up in the presence of all these women has never given me a chance  to see women even a toad less than men.Never has my mother asked me to give up something for my sister just because she is a girl.My father always called my sister vada poda like a boy. This upbringing of me has always made me raise my hand against those reservation made for women considering they are the weaker sex.In bus  ,when a male gives a seat to a woman out of respect,the man has the upper hand.But when the female refuses it and stands on her allocated side , equality is restored.When women stay smug for 33%,its weakness.but when they go fighting for the 100% on their own,that is equality.I accept .All these reservations are aimed to up-bring the lives of women in the lower echelons of society.I am not saying this should happen now.These are just my vision for the future.Its also time they hit the gym and martial art classes not expecting another man to save her at times of danger during her fun time with night!I envision a society which does not consider women of the age group 18 to 24 as a burden and let them explore the world after their graduation and let them decide when to settle down and just not tie them up with some one just because they have reached twenty five. I envision a society where the costs of marriage is equally split between the families of the stake holders.I envision a society where the embarrassment of teenage girls in the name of puberty functions are illegal.

As far as  academics and art is concerned,I have not seen as many mechanical engineers,marine engineers ,civil engineers, visual-effects creators,directors,cinematographers in women as I have seen IT professionals,doctors,HR personnel, beauticians,nutritionist,writers.Its time for women to cut all those ropes that hampers them pursuing certain fields of art and science.Honestly speaking, I can't think of a field in which women can't improve except for the field where women are used as commodities.

Lets not dominate or try to dominate!!lets co-exist with our equals.!!!!

Happy women's day.

This post is a part of the CBC Women's day special contest ,where the men of chennai bloggers club pay tribute to the women in their life.


  1. Truly awesome!!
    "Let's co-exist" - The best part :)

  2. It's all got to do with the way people are brought up, Kudos to your parents for instilling the spirit of respecting women for the person they are, right from a young age. :-)