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Monday, August 18, 2014

One Aspect Of Chennai I would change .

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Creation of Garbage dump sites :-
So what if the government does not place dustbins in necessary locations.What if there is no proper man power to collect garbage from houses.Nothing stops us from taking our own initiatives.One such person from Chennai chooses a strategic position in the streets where he starts putting his garbage.Then another person follows suite.In a matter of two weeks ,the entire street throws its garbage in the same location.Hence we have got ourselves a garbage disposal place without the help of the government.So we continue this for years.The rains also play their part .The whole waste disposal place becomes a total unrepairable mess.The once garbage disposal place has now become a deterrent to all the people who cross the street,the people living near by ,and the shops near by. So one more person takes an initiative and forms a group and  gets petitions signed from all the people in the streets asking the government to clean the place.Now,if everything goes good and if there is an election coming up ,this petition might please the government to look into what the issue is, let alone repairing it.
We Chennaites are no short of initiatives.But what if the initiatives are channelled in the right way.What if we dispose our wastes in  a proper way.What if we take action and consult with our admins to maintain a proper waste disposal cycle instead of forming our own waste disposal site in the common area which will eventually make our own neighbourhood unlivable?

This post is a part the tablog - CBC Tablog II .CBC stands for Chennai Bloggers club,a group of bloggers connected by a common link-Chennai.The tag was passed to me by Sivaranjini - an ever enthusiastic blogger who blogs at Passionate Soul.I in turn pass it to Gokulane Ravi .


  1. This is a valid concern. I think we should implement compulsory waste segregation - organic waste needs to be composted at home and only inorganic waste should be sent out. The inorganic waste should be recycled as much as possible. A lot of valuable metals, etc. can be extracted from commonly used and discarded items. Whatever remains after that: Plastics, Chemicals, etc. should have never been used by us in the first place. We should ban them. That way, there will be no waste at all!

    Destination Infinity

  2. The malady is nicely captured, my post will be on a similar line. I liked your post on F too!