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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Few months back,times when I used to  jog religiously I met an interesting guy...I woke up early...put on my shoes and left to the park where I used to jog around....though getting up early and jogging was irritating initially the morning silence,the empty roads,early sun rays,reddish sky,cool weather,and of course my physique made me take up jogging regularly...and this event dint make me regret either....
I ran around the park for a quite a while until I couldn't continue any I sat on one of the seats and took a break before starting my next running session.
 then came a guy.....he was dark,with nice oiled hair,with  streak of ashes on his head and he wore a striped lungi(nontraditional dhoti) and a shirt with cement and red brick powder stains on it.He ran into all people on the park and showed them a piece of paper and asked something.And no one seemed to respond to him and every one had a snigger as they passed him.After all those things he came to me and asked me in a humble tone
"anna intha address enga irukunu solla mudiyuma(can you locate this address for me?)" showing a piece of paper..the paper stated
                                      "nadigai sneha(actress sneha),
                                       brinthavan garden,iyyapanthangal."
 the address wasn't detailed enough.
"do u want to meet actress sneha????"i asked him with a puzzled expression
"yes yes" he told with a innocent flirty kind of smile....
I asked him about how he got the address and he told me a story of how a random person made him to talk to sneha through phone and he also told" sneha invited me home through phone"

i then judged that some one have fooled him with a fake call and fake address...and  told him that  was a fake address and some one had fooled him...but he refused to listen....he wanted to meet her so badly that he came there in search of her house leaving his job..
"brother i gave in search of her from salem leaving my job" he told 
"what you came from salem!!"i was shocked.
I really dint know whether to laugh or feel bad for that guy...later i convinced him that the address was false and asked him to return home.....he was reluctant to go home...then atlast he went home giving me a  small book and asked me to give it to sneha if i see her...he was really ignorant and dint really know whats the actual scene of a actors life was...i really couldn't refuse it...he gave it to me and went home in despair...
 it was seven in the was too late , i had to start early to i left park.on my way back,out of curiosity i opened his my surprise the guy had written a poem about sneha....which was not so poetic(not at a all a poem") but showed his craziness for was really funny..i laughed all my way home....
                                                                   A part of the poem as far as i remember
"en kadhali nadigai sneha than    (my girl's name is sneha
 en kadhali nadigai sneha than      my girl's name is sneha
 enakum avalai pudikum thann     i love her so much 
avalai pudikum than"                   i love her so much)

the poem was written in Tamil with  lot of spelling mistakes...
this is the far extent of cinemas' influence i have seen on stupid youth....

ovar thanukkum ovaru feeling!!!

PS:certain lines are written in Tamil and then translated to English to show the nativity of the guy and to increase the flavour..!!



  1. good article. nice to read. even i feel sorry for tat guy

  2. yup...good moving one...keep blogging

  3. lol :) Youths of the nation are dreaming big like how Abdul Kalam wished :)

  4. ovoruthanukkum ovoru feeling.....aana intha aalukku over feeling a la irukku...........:D

  5. That is kind of funny and ridiculous too. How many people can the actors marry after all? LOL